[h1]THIS IS HOW I MAKE MY COMIC![h1] [h2]Articles I use :[h2] 1 gel pen 1 pencil 1 eraser 1 sharpner 1 sketch book [img] /comic/ht/e133.jpg [img] [h2]Software I use :[h2] mtPaint You can also use scanners if you have one [h2]The Process![h2] *STEP 1:* I draw my characters first with pencil . I use eraser to erase my mistakes and redraw over it . Even when Im lazy , I never draw with pen first. I don't use a fancy sketbook , a Rs.30($0.6) sketch book works just fine . SPIDERMAN! SPIDERMAN! [img] /comic/ht/e131.jpg [img] *STEP 2:* Then I outline my drawing with a gel pen . You can also use a ball pen , but gel pen gives a thicker line . Then erase the pencil work . After pen lining : [img] /comic/ht/e134.jpg [img] *STEP 3:* I have a phone model- Samsung Galaxy J7, its not like the new smart phones but can take pictures nicely . I use it to take pictures under as much even light as possible . Even light helps me render my pictures in mtPaint easily . *IGNORE STEP 4 AND 5 IF YOU USE A SCANNER* *STEP 4:* I take my images and convert them to PNG first . To open all the images at the same time , I type this in cmd : *mtpaint 1.png 2.png 3.png* --> all in one line . i use it if I have more than one image. *STEP 5:* The sketch looks dull and the lines are not thick enough . So here Is what I do: 1) Go to Effects--> Sharpen --> enter value 1200 . This will sharpen the lines . 2)Go to Effects --> Erode . This will make the lines thicker . Tip: If you want to make the lines less thick, maximize the image using Image--> Scale Canvas option and then select Erode effect(after that you can make your image the original size using Image--> Scale Canvas option) 3) Go to Effects-->Transform Colour --> Set the value of Posterize at 0.This what it looks like until now: [img] /comic/ht/e132.png [img] 4) Sometimes after the Posterize step , theres going to be different coloured spots in some areas like this : [img] /comic/ht/c1.jpg [img] This happens because there was some shadow in that area. Thats why I try to take picture in even light as much as possible . I fix the problem by erasing the spots with white colour . [img] /comic/ht/c2.jpg [img] *STEP 6:* Now I add dialogues and other things to the comic using mtpaint . When the eyes aren’t in the right direction , I change it in mtPaint too . The copy and paste options using the selection tool helps me a lot with copy and pasting the characters . I add the license in the end. [img] /comic/e13.jpg [img] Now you know how I make my comics , I hope you learned something from it or just enjoyed watching the process ! Thanks for reading ! --freeculturerini CLICK HERE FOR READING MY COMIC