[h1]"HARRY POTTER" AND "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" FAN PAGE [h1] [img]hp1.png[img] [h2]WHY AM I MAKING THIS FANPAGE?[h2] I have been reading the lotr series(I am reading the version of the book where one book is devided into three). Also I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. And as I am reading lotr , I have noticed that JK Rowling has been very sneeky in incorporating lotr references in harry potter books . I will be discussing all those lotr references in here , and share it with the world ! [h2]HARRY POTTER AND LOTR THEORIES:[h2] [h3]NAME SIMILARITIES BETWEEN HARRY POTTER AND LOTR[h3] [ul] [li][c2]*FANG[c2]:* Fang is Hagrid's dog in the first book of harry potter series . In Book 1 of The lord of the rings , we come across a dog named fang in the town of Bree .[li] [li]*[c2]LONGBOTTOM:[c2]* Neville Longbottom is one of the most beloved character in harry potter series .Neville's favourite subject is herbology . In book 2 of The lord of the rings, the name of a plant is 'longbottom' ! . Coincidence? i dont think so... [li] [ul] [h3]DUMBLEDORE AND GANDALF[h3] From their long beard to their mystical character and charisma , they seem almost similar . Dumbledore and Gandalf , both possess great wisdom . You cant help but notice how similar both of them are in their respective books . The way I see Dumbledore , is a more godly version of Gandalf .In my opinion(anyone else can have other opinions) Dumbledore lacked few things I wish he had , or I just wish he showed his feelings more. And when I started reading Gandalf , it seemed like I was peeking into more humane side of Dumbledore . My intuition is that Dumbledore was more reluctant towards his feeling since he loved his sister Ariel dearly , and the past always grieved him . In that context , Gandalf shows a sensitive side of Dumbledore , in which Gandalf is more open about truths and feelings .